Cathedrals of the Cosmic Christ


mundi ecclesias cathedrales Christus

catedrals del Crist cosmic

catedrais do cristo cósmico

cattedrali del cristo cosmico

catedrales del cristo cósmico

ardeaglaisí na Críostaí Cosmaí

cathédrales du christ cosmique

katedry kosmicznego Chrystusa

a kozmikus Krisztus katedrálisai

katedrale van die kosmiese Christus

Kathedralen des kosmischen Christus

kathedralen van de kosmische Christus

Cathedrals of the Cosmic Christ are spacious edifices that contain the cosmic harmonic proportions of Ø throughout.

Amusement parks in shopping malls began in the 1990's, blending traditional amusement park entertainments - roller coasters, water parks, carousels, and live entertainment– with hotels and movie theaters. Aging baby boomers also demand more restaurants, gardens and live entertainment.

Family fun parks starting as miniature golf courses have begun to grow to include rock-climbing, batting cages, go-karts, bumper cars, bumper boats and water slides.

The latest development is vertical entertainment towers with residential and commercial floors. The "invisible tower" in S-Korea will reportedly be used primarily for leisure activities. It will include observation decks, a movie theater, a roller coaster, a water park and various food and beverage outlets.

The popularity of theme parks has led to more "theming" - the use of an over-arching theme so as to create a holistic and integrated spatial organization of a consumer venue in non-theme park edu-tainment venues -, such as the FEC's, that now have to integrate their material play world with the virtual game world played out on smartphones, etc.:

(Ø)Phi Harmonic Model of a DNA-shaped 

Amusement Park Ride and Attractions

360° view of a DNAtrium Park, glowing in the dark

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