Cathedrals of the Cosmic Christ


Virgo-Constellation projected onto Washington-DC

“Cosmic-creators” are solar beings who create new civilizations

Cicero: " Stars are living gods, beings composed of the
noblest and purest portions of the ethereal substance.”

Destiny had brought together great men to do great deeds.

The secret architecture of the USA's capitol

Knowledge of the stars played a critical part in every creative stage of the design of this city.

Every Aug.10, a unique astrological event takes place in the sky over W-DC that ties the city to the Virgo constellation. The setting sun's orb gradually moves to the right until it sets directly over Pennsylvania Ave.

On the horizon, 3 stars "magically" emerge in a straight line from the Capitol to the White House to the skies in the west. With the Washington Monument, these 3 first magnitude super-bright stars form a ≈RA-triangle enclosing a large part of the constellation of Virgo.

The W-Monument reflects the star Spica, the White House the star Arcturus, the Capitol the star Regulus. Regulus is about 77 LYrs away, and on the ecliptic, but Spica is two degrees to the south. According to the original plan of the federal city, the Mall, or the western projection of the Capitol grounds, is symbolic of the ecliptic.

Pierre L'enfant 1791 line-sketch and 1792 drawing:
Red dot is location of Freemasons' House of the Temple
Yellow dot is the location of the White House
No main road crosses any of the other circles' centers, nor
are the 5p-star streets of above/below aligned with this cube:

In Greece, Egypt, and Central America, temples and sacred sites were oriented toward the stars, but seldom is a whole city oriented toward a specific sunset.

The founders of Washington-DC, as members of the Masonic order, aligned the city with the stars, consecrating it to the "enclosed" Virgo, also known as the Egyptian goddess Isis; knowing that the combined power of the celestial and earthly planes would affect its destiny. This is known to the ancient Egyptian and Chinese dynasties as "the Mandate of Heaven."

They stated, “A city that is laid out in such a way that it is in harmony with the heavens is a city in perpetual prayer. It is a city built on the recognition that every human activity is in need of the sanctification of the spiritual world, through coherent resonance, with the light of the living stars.”

Initiation into the Masonic order includes a rite known as the “mysteries of Isis.” The Masonic book “Morals and Dogma” links Isis with Virgo, often portrayed on the city’s statuary as a woman bearing a sheaf of wheat: the "Wheat Goddess".

Pierre L’Enfant, the city's original designer, Ellicot the surveyor, and George Washington, a soldier knew how to lay out land according to stellar and planetary positions.

Place de L'etoile, Paris

W-DC "Flower of Life" with the White House as center

W-DC "Golden mean Pentagonal star-sequencing"

P.L'Enfant 1791 plan: E Pluribus Unum
with the Capitol Complex as center

He had to define and balance the powers of the People, the States, the Judiciary, the Legislature, and the President in the layout of the new Federal city, to create a relationship of measured order that was uniquely appropriate to the new republican federation:

  1. small circle represents the Capitol complex, housing the people's representatives (legislative branch), R is 0.618 (= Ø, phi) mile;
  2. medium circle represents the housing of the people, R is 1 mile;
  3. big circle touches/represents the White house, the President's home, (executive branch), R is 1.618 mile.

Upward pointing pentacle means spirit rules over matter. Downward pointing pentacle means matter rules over spirit. The pentacle of the big circle points downward and touches the 555-ft marble obelisk of the Washington monument, thus perfectly balancing the total of the 2 smaller upward facing pentacles (1.618 = 1 + 0.618), i.e. golden mean proportion.

The obelisk acts as an a cosmic antenna, receiving the subtle energies from the stars, which should then be distributed throughout the pentagonal infrastructure of the city, shown on above image.

The pentagonal-star lines represent the basic underlying golden mean triangular template for the location of the avenues, principal buildings, and squares in the city.

The following letters represent the intended locations of:

D = District Court building
E = City Hall
B = Lincoln Square
H = Supreme Court building
J = Jefferson Memorial
L= Lincoln Memorial
P = Pentagon complex
W = Washington Monument (21/2/1888)
WH = White House complex

At least 50 public statues/buildings in W-DC are involved with the symbolism of Virgo, and each public zodiac emphasizes in some way with the beautiful "pregnant" Virgin symbolism.

The city contains over 50 important zodiacs on and in official buildings, plus over 1,000 zodiacal and planetary symbols in paint, marble, plaster, concrete, glass and on stone facades.

This includes a sculpture placed above a Capitol building doorway, showing Clio, the Muse of History, recording human events over time, in a chariot riding over 3 signs of the zodiacal arch: from Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, to Capricorn and Aquarius, both ruled by Saturn, the ruler over time. Each of the 6 spokes of the clock/wheel has a 5-leafed floral motif associated with the archetypal Virgo:

This doorway portal above which she stands reflects the type of relationship the spiritual world holds on the realm of mankind, where birth into Light and death into Darkness seem to be the beginning and end of all created things.

This statue is one of the Capitol's most extraordinary esoteric symbols, intended to be a play on the contrast between Cancer, ruled by the Moon, and Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. They are called the great Portals of Birth and Death. Cancer is the gate through which souls descend into earthly birth, light, life, while Capricorn is the one through which they ascend into the spiritual realm, darkness, death.

The goat-horn cornucopia encapsulates both these extremes of darkness and light, of death and life. In the classical myth, the infant Zeus (Jupiter) was fed by the virgin Amalthea with goat’s milk. Zeus, to show his gratitude for this largesse, broke off one of the horns of the goat and presented it to Amalthea, promising that anyone who possessed it would have an abundance of all things he or she might desire. Part of the esoteric secret behind this mythology is that the interior of the horn is dark, but from the darkness a largesse pours into the light of day, to enrich the living. Furthermore, the horn has come from a goat—the animal of Capricorn.

The Capitol "remains eternal and indestructible", while the world of Man that serves the Capitol “in history” is involved in the mutations of time.

The incredibly beautiful new Library of Congress is the official architectural gem of W-DC, and the hub of an arcane symbolism, which breathed a spiritual life into the city.

It incorporates a system of exteriorizing space through consciousness and light using sculptures, with a system of interiorizing time, through mostly paintings and Flanagan's "Flight of Time" clock.

It has 7 zodiacs, square on the marble floor of the Great Hall, round in the ceiling of the south-east pavilion, and the north valve of the central door of the library’s west facade, etc.

The symbolic connection between the first two zodiacs is vertical: one represents the stars of the distant heavens, the other the stellar forces that have entered into the Earth. The heavenly zodiac represents the spiritual, excarnated powers, while the earthly zodiac represents the incarnated powers, enmeshed in the physical bodies afforded by materiality.

On August 28, 1890, the Congress Library’s cornerstone was dedicated, when the Sun and Saturn were in conjunction with the constellation of Virgo. Every founding aspect had astrological symbolism, as its Masonic founding fathers were keenly aware of the beneficial implications for them of the dates when planets were aligned.

Thus, through foundation rituals, Virgo's stellar powers were invited to radiate their benign influences on the city’s founding activities, supposedly 5793 years after the foundation of the Temple of Solomon, as shown on the silver foundation plate.

It shows the importance accorded to Virgo in the symbolism of the city, both as a zodiacal sign and as a constellation. The foundation stone brings the building into the light of day, into the view of the cosmos. Virgo was also a sign well known for its connections with studious application.

The Knights Templar Cross of the Cosmic-Christ
was anchored in 1792 in the People's Congress,
which later became a Capitol building with a dome,
perceived as W-DC's cosmic center, now controlled by
the Anti-Christ "slave-driving" Currency Capitalists Cabal.

This Capitol dome would be the center of the horizon, in the western section of which the Sun would set in a regulated arch, and in the eastern section of which it would rise in a similar regulated arch.

The dome would not only be the center of the Capitol—it would also be the center of the visible world. Thus, the founders acknowledged the cosmic idea behind the building.

By this stratagem, the Masons lifted the Capitol into the sphere of cosmic stillness which is the center of all well-planned buildings, and ensured that the Capitol dome was harmoniously related to the zodiacal arch in the skies.

These founders had a vested interest in emphasizing the role of the sign Virgo, because their self-proclaimed spiritual brethren, the Knights Templar, chose the projection of the stars of the Virgo constellation as the crucial determinant of the location of the Gothic Cathedrals in France, the sacred sound-boxes of the Living Christ, together playing celestial symphonies 24/7:

Gothic style portal/window

The notion of the east as a source of light was as important in the Masonic rituals as it had been in the Egyptian, Greek and medieval European foundation rituals.

The sunrise was associated with the emergence of a new birth of spirit—in other words, with life. Indeed, the NT itself had supported the idea that light was the life of mankind.

One of the arcane Greek words from St. John’s Gospel is "zoe" (meaning “life”): this word was the root of our own word zodiac, which did not mean “circle of animals,” as is so often believed, but “circle of life.” It was the circle traveled by the greatest Light in our system—the Sun.

At 3:30 p.m. April 15, 1791, the time that the 1st marker stone of the city was laid by the freemasons at Jones Point near Alexandria, the planet Jupiter was rising over the horizon 23° in the constellation Virgo. The stone was sealed with a Masonic ceremony depositing corn, wine and oil on the stone itself. Their toast: “May the stone which we are about to place on the ground remain an immovable monument of the wisdom and unanimity of North America”.

On Oct. 13, 1792, another marker stone was laid by the same Masons at the foundation of the White House, while the moon was rising 23° in the zodiacal Virgo.

At the founding of the Capitol building on Sept. 18, 1793, the Sun and Mercury were in the constellation of Virgo. This is memorized on the Senate building's bronze doors. The top-left plate shows George Washington, wearing a white satin Masonic apron, using a trowel to lay the cornerstone. The apron shows American and French flags, a gavel and a triangle symbolizing a universal deity surrounded by stars.

The cornerstone of the Washington Monument was laid on July 4, 1848, while the moon was in Virgo. Construction was stalled and begun again on Aug. 7, 1880, when the star Spica, the brightest one in the constellation of Virgo, was rising over the eastern horizon. The dedication ceremony for it was not on Feb. 22, 1885, Washington’s birthday, but on Feb. 21, when Jupiter was in the constellation of Virgo.

Since the planet Jupiter is the equivalent of the Greek Zeus, the chief of the ancient gods of Greece, it should play an important role in the horoscopes cast for the foundation charts and cornerstone ceremonies of the new Republic.

The prevalence of Jupiter in Virgo, in charts relating to the public buildings of Washington, D.C., is yet another reminder of the meaning of the Latin injunction in the motto of the Seal of the United States. See below.

The stars, representing the eternal spirit of the inaccessible stellar realm, were spiritual realities which were Egyptian and pagan, but which were now thoroughly Christianized.

It is not surprising that the ancient Egyptian god name for Sirius, Spdt (whose Greek version is Sothis), was represented inside the Washington monument by hieroglyphics which included a glyph of a five-pointed star and an obelisk:

The Masonic ritual of the cornerstone was linked with the union of the polarities of light<>darkness, of Heaven<>Earth. In other words, these Freemasons conceived of linking their city energetically and informationally with stars of Virgo plus the entire zodiac. However, by surrounding all of them, they tried to "control" their Hi-vibe energies in a certain way.

Around 1950 the Starbeings had enough of this "controlling", when the US Military/industrial/financial/chemical/medical complex run by ex-Nazis, and supervised by Reptilian extra-terrestrials, took over the reign of the World as we know it.

Or did it happen way earlier when W-DC began to violate the core principles of their Constitution by annexing land from the natives (the Red Race) and began to exterminate over five Million of them in the following 200 years?

Or did it happen when the Freemasons decided to "supersize" their American Temple House (1911) at the place in W-DC where on the back of their one-dollar bill the all-seeing eye of the omnipresent Creator, or eye-of-Horus, appears above the topless pyramid as per images of the bill and T-House below?

In the ceremonial for the dedication of this House of the Temple, the Grand Minister of State consecrated the building by sprinkling wheat upon the floor, in the name of Justice, Right and Truth. He performed this ritual after pointing out that these 3 qualities represent the 3 Stars in the belt of the constellation Orion “in which, since the human race began, no man hath seen even the shadow of change.”

The motto, Annuit Coeptis, is from Virgil,
adapted in order to give it 13 characters.
It is from Audacibus annue coeptis,
a prayer to the god Jupiter, requesting
that he “favour my daring undertaking.”

Novus Ordo Seclorum: New world order

There are 72 bricks in 13 tiers above the MDCCLXXVI
The seal has 13+17 letters + 9 roman numerals.
This is a total of 39 or 3x13 or the trinity of 13.

Below is the pictorial story of Horus, son of
Isis & Osiris, the ruler of the underworld:

Architecture was viewed as an instrument for
permitting the unrestrained influx of heavenly virtues into
the locality where cosmically oriented buildings were erected.

The fundamental layout of W-DC is a "Tree of Life",
encompassing an underworld facing 5-pointed star,
that points to a Cube on which the Pyramid rests,
covering multiple isosceles, and right-angle triangles:

12 pentagonal-stars form a dodecahedron, born from a cube,
which represents the New Jerusalem.

However, some sides of the White-House centered 'cube'
are not the sides of the corresponding cube.
As the White-House is the center of all decisions made,
W-DC can therefore NEVER become the new Jerusalem:

The well-meaning founders created a capitol city,
originally laid out according to arcane knowledge,
but was changed by various actions of the Congress,
thus, by 1842, ended up to be a misconstrued Egg of Life:

Only, the White House in the red flower's center,
The Temple House in the upper-yellow-circle's center, and
Jefferson Memorial (1943) in the lower-yellow-circle's center,
are correctly placed in the 7 circles of the "Egg of Life".
The Pentagon is in the center of one of the 1st Fruit of Life circles.
Only these 4 structures are in harmonic resonance with the cosmos.


Wonder why the many war-Eggs conceived
in that city by its plutocrazy, since 1911,
turned into such incredible abominations?


"Today, in your eyes, the prophesy is fulfilled"

The US Freemasons visualized their federal city
as the founding stone not merely for the United States,
but for the 4th Era, which will see the rebuilding,
on the inner plane, of the Temple of Solomon.

However, in 2005, Charlotte, NC, was completely
seeded with DOR (Deadly Orgon Radiation) busters,
and then directly energetically linked to Chartres, France,
and then via a GM vortex connected to the rest of the USA,
thereby becoming the NEW Virgo-linked-capital of the USA.

Every U.S. president, except for Dutch-descended Martin Van Buren, is somehow related to King John of England. King John, the youngest son of King Henri II, who ruled from 1199 to 1216, is a direct ancestor of many European royalty, including Queen Elizabeth II. Genealogists have traced these relationships through extensive research and documentation.

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