Cathedrals of the Cosmic Christ


Golden Mean Cathedral
Its Fundamental Layout
Cathedral at Chartres, France
as done by the Knights Templar in the 13th century?

Unawakened and awakened 3-fold Being

Below is the 3-fold flame of gnostic Christianity:
Power, Love, Wisdom
The Holy Trinity in all forms of Alchemy:
Feminine, God, Masculine
Negative, Neutral, Positive
Inner Child (Past),  You (Present),   Higher Self (Future)

Static Balance = No Movement

Framework for manifesting Light

Dynamic Balance = Movement
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Ancient knowledge of a circle and circumference

Ancient know-how of geometry

For drawing details read description below:

Laying-out a Cathedral's Nave & Transept foundation in GM -Golden Mean Division/Proportion-, allows you to synchronize yourself with all higher dimensional or 'heavenly' vibrations.

Done in 1130 in Chartres with a rope, knots, and iron pins:

1. Take a rope and knot 2 short ropes at both ends and stick an iron pin all the way through.
2. The distance between the 2 pins should be exactly the planned length of the transept.
3. Fold rope in half and place a 3rd knot and pin at the fold, equal in distance to pins 1 & 2.
4. Locate the church’s natural sacred point, like ley-lines crossing, telluric current, well, etc.
5. Place pin 3 firmly at that sacred center in the ground.
6. Walk 360° and mark an accurate and complete circle with pins 1 & 2.
7. Stretch the entire rope and draw a straight line in the ground through the center of the circle going from the East (sunrise) to the West (sunset).
8. Place pin 1 at center of circle and pin 3 at crossing of straight line and west side of circle.
9. Firmly stretch entire rope and place pin 2 at the end. Draw an accurate extension of the circle’s straight line.
10. Fold section between pin 3 and 1 in half. Mark that half accurately with a new knot rope and pin 4.
11. Stick pin 4 in center of circle and lay out rope westwards over straight line.
12. Draw a complete smaller circle with pin 3 in earth, with radius half of the large circle.
13. Place pin 4 in the ground exactly at intersection of small circle and straight line.
14. Stretch rope with pin 2 and draw a 5 ft curve in the ground covering both sides of most southern point of center of small circle.
15. Pick up entire rope and place pin 4 in the ground at other intersection of small circle and straight line.
16. Stretch rope with pin 2 and draw a 5 ft curve in the ground at most southern point, and crossing other 5 ft curve.
17. Place pin 2 in center of circles, and stretch rope exactly over the crossing point of two curves and place pin 4 in the ground. Then place pin 3 in the ground where the rope crosses the large circle.
18. Draw a 5ft curve with pin 4 west of pin 3 and about parallel with straight line.
19. Place pin 3 at western intersection of straight line and small circle.
20. Place pin 2 at the point that crosses the latest 5ft curve.
21. Lift only pin 3 and walk rope to center of 2 circles.
22. Add new knot rope and pin 5 where rope touches center of 2 circles and place pin there.
23. Lift pin 2 and mark crossing point with straight line west of pin 5.
24. Place pin 3 in this cross-point and draw circle with pin 4.
25. Place pin 3 firmly in the ground at the West crossing of this circle and straight line.
26. Walk 360° and mark an accurate and complete the 2nd large circle with pins 1 & 2.
27. Place pin 4 in Northern intersection of the 2 large circles.
28. Walk with stretched rope to their Southern intersection and draw a straight line between those 2 intersections.
29. Place pin 3 in the ground at crossing of this line and 1st straight line, being perpendicular.
30. Place pins 1 & 2 furthest Northern & Southern end and draw straight line between them.
31. This entire line represents the West wall of Transept.
32. Lift pin 3 and put pin 2 in its place.
33. Add new knot and pin 6 at intersection of 2nd large circle and 1st straight line.
34. Place pin 2 at N-end of Transept W-wall and place pin 6 Eastwards and perpendicular to wall.
35. Lift pin 6 and place pin 1 in that hole.
36. Place pin 3 in intersection where 2nd large circle crosses 1st straight line.
37. Place pin 2 as far straight South as possible. Verify correct distance to W-wall with pin 6.
38. Draw center-line of Transept along entire length of rope. Then walk with pin 2, 360° to draw 3rd large circle. It should cross the center of the 2nd large circle. This center should be the center of the Labyrinth.
39. To mark Transept E-wall, leave pin 2 at the most S-end, lift pins 1 and 3 and place pin 6 East of pin 2 and perpendicular to the Transept center-line.
40. Walk rope N-wards and place pin 2 at most N-end of center-line where pin 1 was.
41. Place pin 6 East of and perpendicular to Transept center-line, to mark its E-wall.
42. Lift pin 6 and put pin 1 in hole.
43. Place pin 3 at crossing with 1st straight line.
44. Place pin 2 in hole made by pin 6 at the most S-end.
45. Draw entire East wall of Transept.
46. Place pin 1 in the N-intersection of 1st & 2nd large circles.
47. Stretch rope to other intersection of these 2 large circles.
48. Add new knot and pin 7 in rope at this intersection.
49. Walk, stretch, and intersect with pin 7 the 1st large circle on the N-side and mark it.
50. Place pin 1 in S-intersection of same 2 large circles.
51. Intersect with pin 7 the 1st large circle on the S-side and mark it.
52. Place pin 1 in this mark and draw straight line with stretched rope to mark (49) on N-side.
53. Draw also straight line with stretched rope to N-intersection of the same 2 large circles.
54. Place pin 1 in the S-intersection of the same 2 circles.
55. Draw straight line with stretched rope to N-mark (49) on 1st large circle.
56. Extend 1st straight line East till it crosses 1st large circle.
57. Place pin 1 in this crossing point.
58. Draw straight line with stretched rope to N-crossing of the same 2 large circles.
59. Draw straight line with stretched rope to S-crossing of the same 2 large circles.
60. Mark N & S intersections of these 2 lines with N-S line of the GM 5p-star.
61. The distance between these 2 intersections determines the width of the nave.
62. Place pin 1 at one of these intersections.
63. Add new knot and pin 8 where rope crosses 1st straight line, perpendicular.
64. Place pin 1 at intersection of Transept W-wall and 1st straight line.
65. Mark with pin 8 the width of the nave on both N & S side of this W-wall.
66. Draw N & S wall of nave using these 2 marks and mark (60).
67. Mirror 5p-star inside 2nd large circle. Extend the 2 nave wall lines Westwards till they cross the 2nd large circle, by using the mirror (60) point.
68. Connect the 2 nave walls there to locate the entrance of the church’s cross.
69. Place pin 1 on the 1st straight line, exactly in between the E-intersections of the 1st ½-size large circle (12) and the 1st large circle. This is the correct location of the altar.
70. Create a semi-circle with pin 8 East of pin 1. Connect both nave lines with it. This is the apse.
71. Create ambulatory semi-circle with pin 4 East of pin 1.
72. The locations of the ambulatory support columns are determined by pin spans 1-8 and 2-6, as well as intersections of pair of 5p-star legs with Transept E-wall. The exterior wall-columns surrounding the choir are located at the intersections of the other pair of 5p-star legs with the 3rd large circle.

The ancient Egyptian Ankh mirroring
cosmic & earthly life, immortality and reincarnation.
Compare the oval loop with the shape, meaning,
and purpose of a cathedral's ambulatory.

The cathedral's nave is usually aligned with the W-E direction, where the official entrance door is called the West Portal or Gate.

In this case it was very accurately dowsed to be in alignment with the main Ley-line and deep underground currents to which the 37m deep well is connected, from where 'HOLY' HEALING water is brought up for the pilgrims. The actual nave direction is from the SW to the NE.

The nave & transept lengths are in Golden Mean proportion, called a Holy Cross, like the Knights Templar Crusader cross!

The main elevations measurements are in golden mean proportion to the main foundation measurements:

The Cathedral was re-consecrated in 1260
in the presence of King Louis 9 of France

The Chartres Cathedral is the only Cathedral where you can move around and walk a labyrinth, which both feel & are alive and in perfect harmony with the celestial vibration, expressed here as golden mean proportion.

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