Cathedrals of the Cosmic Christ



Foundations blocks laid up to 9 meters high

Hoisting of materials with treadmill runners


All craftsmen were well paid

Choir walls erected and supported

Roof from ancient trees covered with lead tiles

Vault timber construction

Blocks and key-stone placed on timber arches

Block arches built on blocks that rest on timber arches

Rainwater diverted from the 1200 ton wood/lead tiles roofs
and flowing through the Gargoyles away from the edifice

All statues were painted in various colors

King (St) Louis 9 bought/brought JC's crown of thorns to NDP

King Louis 9 consecrated NDP in 1239 with JC's crown

Largest Rose window in France

In 18th century the architect Viollet-le-Duc
restored the NDP to its former glory

He built a wooden Bell tower
not supported by Cathedral block frame

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