Cathedrals of the Cosmic Christ


Federal Triangle in Washington D.C.

The first plans for the Federal triangle were approved around 1926. However, the 1930s crisis put an end to this. Although the Old Postoffice was planned to be destroyed, the exterior was preserved and the interior space redesigned into a 5-star hotel by the Trump company.

On August 12, before setting, the disk of the Sun cuts through the Old Postoffice 315 ft campanile, to the south of Pennsylvania Avenue. To watch this temporary eclipse of the Sun by the vertical masonry of the tower is a deeply mystical experience. From the Capitol terrace, the tower is just wide enough to occlude the disk of the Sun. There are just a few seconds between the last flash of the Sun on the south side of the tower and its first flash on the north side. Was this tower (completed in 1897) designed with a knowledge of this stellar "eclipse" magic in mind?

The silhouette of the upper part of the tower represents a pyramid, with a ratio similar to the pyramid on top of the Washington Monument. Its bottom edge equals the width of the campanile, and appears to be the same width as the diameter of the Sun. Thus, during the days before August 10, we have nothing less than a symbolic reversal of the pyramid image on the Seal of the United States. The solar light touches the top of the pyramid, on a later day slides through it, and then on subsequent days begins to pass beneath the pyramid, to be occulted by the masonry of the tower. Does the statue of Franklin, on its pedestal below the campanile, hold up its hand in amazement at this solar wonder?

17/9/1787: "We have a Republic, if You Can Keep It"

On August 10, the Sun sets directly over the horizon where the Capitol, Pennsylvania Avenue and the White House grounds would have aligned. Thus, on August 10, the Capitol and the White House are connected by the disk of the Sun as it sets over the western horizon. This dramatic stellar event explains the esoteric connection which the original planners of the city have drawn between W-DC, and Virgo, and its truncated form, the Federal Triangle:

Now, an extraordinary stellar symbolism of W-DC, reveals itself. As the skies darken, the stars of greater magnitude, Regulus, Spica and Arcturus, begin to show themselves, and a fascinating pattern emerges. Regulus in Leo begins to slip into the backdrop of sky behind the White House, at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue. Hanging above Regulus, are the two powerful stars Spica in Virgo, and Arcturus in Boötes, embracing much of the constellation of Virgo.

Mystery of W-DC: revealing in the skies the constellation Virgo

Due to the angle of the ecliptic, this stellar triangle asterism "is projected" onto the earthly Federal Triangle, to the south of Pennsylvania Avenue:

On each August 10, a re-connection is established between the foundation of the city of W-DC and the stars of Virgo. This phenomenon is the source of much of the arcane symbolism that pulls together the images of the triangle, corn, the zodiac, cornucopia, and the image of the Virgin, in all her diverse forms throughout the city.

This Christian imagery heralds the spiritual imperatives of that pre-Christian mystery lore which nourished the birth of Christianity. It was designed and built on Christian hermetic principles derived from ancient cosmological ideas, taught in the secret schools of Egypt, Greece and Italy.

Today, due to the earth's precession, the Sun set lasts longer, allowing Regulus to hover above the horizon for a slightly longer time. The longer the hovering, the more powerful the visual impact of this cosmic triangle will become. So, we know it is there, yet it remains hidden. Below on the Earth, its equivalent form, the Federal Triangle, is always visible.

Since the Constitution Avenue line of the Federal Triangle represents the ecliptic, Pennsylvania Avenue was intended by L’Enfant and Ellicott as a sacred route, with its celestial equivalent an invisible pathway in the skies:

Is it clear now why the various symbol makers & architects concentrated their efforts on zodiacal symbols which reflect so deeply the arcane nature of the stellar Virgin, and why the idea of an earthly triangle -encapsulated by the "Federal Triangle"- should reflect this stellar form on the earth's plane?

From the very beginning, the city was intended to celebrate the mystery of Virgo, of the Egyptian Isis, the Grecian Ceres and the Christian Virgin. This truth alone explains the structure of the city, and the suble and potent energetic stellar power and symbolism.

W-DC is far more than merely a city of zodiacs. It is a city which was built to celebrate a massive cosmic symbolism, expressed in stars. Its 3 main buildings -Capitol, White House and Washington Monument- mark on the Earth the annual renewal of that magical pyrotechnic display in the skies.

Versailles with avenues at 30° intervals.

When gazing upon this marvel of engineered starlight, it is easy to forget how it all started over 200 years ago, when either Ellicott or the Frenchman L’Enfant looked at the map of Versailles and drew a line from the top of a wooded hillside, and directed it toward a specific point of sunset.


At a certain point along his second line, he drew across it, at right angles, a third. He extended this, so that it cut the first line, the sunset line. In this way, he formed a triangle on the earth. The planner had drawn this triangle with one angle pinned into the hill called Jenkins Heights because he knew that there was another triangle hidden in the skies, marked by pinpricks of starlight.

The designer intended this union of earth and skies to remain a secret. He knew how mysteries work. He recognized that it did not matter a great deal whether anyone who lived in his city discovered the meaning of his mystery: it was sufficient that he had bridged the material with the spiritual. He knew that the power born of this connection between earth and skies would continue to beneficially influence the souls of those who lived in the city, even if they did not know, with their conscious minds, whence this power came. His whole city was a Mystery, and he felt no need to explain it. He took for granted that the planner of a city should ensure that it was well designed on the earth, and that it was harmoniously linked with the skies.

"The circle of Life"

12-fold hexagonal symmetry of the numbers 3 & 6

As the Earth travels around the Sun, the Sun appears to pass in front of a succession of constellations. The linear path that the Sun describes across the sky is called the ecliptic. The constellations on that path are collectively called the zodiac and extend a few degrees above and below the ecliptic line.

The ecliptic is a line where the plane described by the Earth's orbit around the Sun crosses the celestial sphere. The plane is close to those described by many other bodies of the solar system. That is why the zodiac is the region of the sky where we find the planets and the asteroid belt, i.e. the disk of our solar system.

The zodiac (circle of animals) is the oldest known celestial coordinate system, probably dating back to about 5000 BC in ancient Babylon. It remained the principle method of describing points in the sky until the use of telescopes required a more precise system.

Different cultures have different definitions of the characters and borders in the sky. The Babylonian zodiac described 18 constellations instead of 12.

The constellations of the zodiac, and the dates that the Sun passes through them, do not correspond to the ones listed in astrological horoscopes. The Earth's orientation in space has changed and those descriptions are antiquated; see precession of the equinox. The image above describes the current path of the Sun around the celestial sphere.

A city which is laid out in such a way that it is in harmony with the heavens is a city in perpetual prayer. It is a city built on the recognition that every human activity is in need of the sanctification of the spiritual world, or "mandate of heaven", whose benefit for humans is the light of the living stars.

Twelve zodiac signs appear on the glass rim of a
large light fitting in the Federal Reserve Building.
Virgo is Christianized by means of a halo.

Besides the obvious connection with Virgo, the one thing which these foundation charts have in common is that they each have the Dragon’s Head in that sign. The Dragon’s Head is the node marking the point where the path of the Moon intersects the path of the Sun. The term relates to an early phase of astrology when it was believed that the circuit of the Earth’s satellite was the invisible body of a stellar dragon.

The Ascending Lunar Node is the Dragon’s Head
The Descending Lunar Node is the Dragon’s Tail.

In terms of triangulating the plan for W-DC, the corners of the L’Enfant triangle had to be 'fixed' into the Earth when this beneficial point -solar<>lunar meeting point- was in Virgo, also reflected in the stars seen around the constellation Virgo.

Roosevelt became president just in time to open the first exhibition of the McMillan commission of 1901, who was to change the face of W-DC. He was a Mason with knowledge of astrology and presided over the opening of a wide-sweeping plan, devised under the name of a brother Mason, to return W-DC, to the stars. This involved developing a triangle of built-up land to the south of Pennsylvania Avenue and to the north of B Street. This triangle was to be inside the same triangle that is congruened with the 3 stars Spica, Regulus and Arcturus.

When L’Enfant created his famous map of the city, he designed the avenue, then called B Street, later called Constitution Avenue, so that it ran from the east, along the northern edge of the Capitol and along the muddy flats called Foggy Bottom that bordered on the Potomac. This avenue paralleled the Mall, which, in terms of the celestial science, was the earthly equivalent of the ecliptic, the pathway of the sun. Pennsylvania Ave was the way of man.

Constitution Avenue' name was derived from the most sacred of all concepts behind the spiritual concept of the United States, that people should be governed by a formulated constitution rather than by an hereditary tyranny. Constitution Avenue ran in parallel with L’Enfant’s Grand Avenue, and was thus a via sacra, or sacred route.

A bit of this sacred nature is still reflected in the symbolism which lies along Constitution Avenue: the Dirksen Building, which contains no fewer than 12 complete zodiacs, set into 6 arcane patterns. This building, constructed from 1947 to 1958, was to relieve the demand for Senate office space in the Capitol. It had been forceably cleared of 78 differently owned properties.

Six floors of this building are specially designed conference rooms, with podiums and ornate ceilings, all of them inset with recessed square panels, each containing a sign of the zodiac, along with its corresponding sigil. However, no simple sequence of 12 zodiacal images, but altogether 38 on each ceiling, totaling more than 228 zodiacal signs!

Since the Dirksen Building is integrated into one of the grids laid down by L’Enfant, the long orientation of the ceiling is literally east-west, which means that each of the images for Virgo is directed symbolically to one of the four cardinal points. Could Virgo be more dominant in W-DC?

We must see this zodiacal symbolism correctly, as a study of the orientation of W-DC, along cosmological lines, based on the 4 core elements of the astrological repertoire.

The architects had the clear intention to make some cosmic statement about this building. Did they feel that those deliberating the future of the United States and the world should be aware that the spiritual world is right above them, and that its invisible exigencies and influences should not be ignored?

On the western end of Constitution Avenue, are 3 zodiacs, one huge horoscope and one planetary arrangement.

The designers of W-DC marked this section of Constitution Avenue with a stellar symbolism which proclaims to those with ears to hear, that the avenue is indeed cosmologically sacrosanct, and a sacred road, linked with the stars.

With his left hand, Einstein supports against his leg a sheaf of papers, on the top one of which are written the formulae which summarize his most important mathematical equations, the photoelectric effect, the general theory of relativity, and the expression of the equivalence of energy and matter.

The caissons supporting the entire monument weigh 135 ton,
and are situated in an elm and holly grove.
They act as a giant tuning-fork and amplifier for
the subtle energy rays emitted from the projected stars.

The marble surrounding the bronze EINSTEIN statue includes stainless steel studs which reveal the positions of more than 2,700 stars and 10 quasars, including our Sun, Moon, planets, and asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta. In the circles' center is the North-star Polaris. In fact, it really is a 28-ft diameter horoscope for April 22, 1979, when the statue was dedicated.


The black dots are the projections of important stars, while the circles represent planets. Above is a graphic key to them, with the stellar patterns marked in the form of the familiar constellations. Their numbers correspond to the below stars, constellations, and planets:
1. The star Sirius in constellation Canis Major
2. The star Procyon in constellation Canis Minor
3. The stars Betelgeuse and Rigel in Orion
4. The star Pollux in constellation Gemini
5. The star Aldebaran in constellation Taurus
6. The star Capella in constellation Auriga
7. The star Deneb in constellation Cygnus
8. The star Vega
9. The star Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus
10. The constellation Ursa Major
11. The constellation Ursa Minor
12. The constellation Draco
13. The constellation Hercules

Below the constellation Virgo:

14. Sun in zodiacal Taurus
15. Mercury in zodiacal Aries
16. Mars in zodiacal Aries
17. Moon in zodiacal Pisces
18. Venus in zodiacal Pisces


Thus, both ends of the via sacra in the downtown section of Constitution Avenue are embellished with 12 zodiacs at the eastern end, and 4 at the western end. These zodiacs are surrounded by a plethora of related Virgoan symbols.

By drawing links between these geometric figures and the archetypes, a profound spiritual connection is established between the nature of the spirit (triangle) and the material plane (square): within the Euclidean diagram is the “solution” to the problem of how spirit can find a working relationship with matter. Therefore, Arthur Brown a.o. elected to take the zodiacal circle and stretch it into a straight line.

As a circle, the zodiac symbolizes time, cycles and recurrence. When spread out into straight lines, to form a square, it symbolizes space. The triangle contained within the Euclidean diagram represents spirit dwelling within, and sanctifying matter. In this sense, it represents all living things, but especially the human being, who is a spiritual being dwelling for a limited time within the prison of the body. This theorem of Euclid, reverberating around the Federal Triangle, serves to emphasize the sacred/spiritual nature of the triangle itself.

The triangle tying down the triad of Masonic structures —the Capitol, the White House, and the Washington Monument— was linked with the stars. It is easy to see the 1930-1950 Federal Triangle project as the architectural equivalent of this symbolism. Most of the sculptural decoration is zodiacal and emphasizes the role of Virgo. Therefore, the Masonic architects & planners, who have guided and guarded W-DC for almost 2 centuries, have clearly stamped the Earth with the munificent power of the Beautiful Virgin.

What was the purpose of all this symbolism? Just to lift man’s gaze upward toward the stars and toward Virgo in particular? Are the angles of the Federal Triangle, when subtended into space, somehow energetically linked with the stars and the mythology of Virgo and thus more than a simple reflection on the Earth of the perceived stellar triangle around Virgo?

By 1909, the above energetic "blessings" were lost, because the Treasury Building now blocks an unimpeded view between the Capitol and the White House, whose further view westwards is now obstructed by the World Bank building.

These celestial "blessings" have produced counter-intended results, as most decisions made were meant to serve only the local plutocracy, now known as the "capitalist cabal".

Who in his own skill confiding,
Shall with rule and line
Mark the border-land dividing
Human and Divine!?

Golden Spiral Zodiac
in ceiling of Temple in Dendera, Egypt.

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