Cathedrals of the Cosmic Christ


Knights Templar

13th Century Map of the Cosmos

The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ of the Temple of Solomon, also known as the Order of Solomon's Temple, the Knights Templar, or simply the Templars, was a military order of the Catholic faith, founded in 1119. It was one of the wealthiest and most popular military orders in Western Christianity.

Following their spiritual/cosmological impulses, 9 knights discovered the Nasorean Scrolls, revealing treasures far beyond their wildest dreams. Yet, those were treasures they could not share with the world at that time:

Leonardo DaVinci

Many of the Knights Templar were Master Stone masons, designing and building formidable castles, cathedrals, and chapels across Europe. They introduced holy geometry into their Gothic masterpieces, like Chartres Cathedral in France.

The Medieval Cathedral and School of Chartres

Many Gothic Cathedrals across Europe, show the names of master builders responsible for their construction and design. They would cut their names into floors or walls, for they wanted future generations to know who they were.

When we stand back and look at the magnificent Chartres Gothic Cathedral, with its exquisite carvings standing proud for all to see and admire such works… one has to ask who these architects and builders were.

Following metaphysical impulses, the Knights Templar sought the “Ark of the Covenant”, a wooden box overlaid with gold, containing stone tablets, inscribed with 10 Commandments, that was buried under Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

French architect, Louis Charpentier, claims that the Knights Templar built Chartres Cathedral as a repository for ancient wisdom. As men of the Christ, they would not want their names cut into the stone of Chartres, just their cross:


In 1128, the Knights Templar appear to have brought back from Jerusalem extraordinary initiatory documents for the Cistercian Bernard de Clairvaux:

It led to 150 years of cosmologically inspired and dedicated cathedral building: the architect sketching with compass, set square, and ruler, the essential elements and their proportions. The master builder taking it from there.

3+3 Templar crosses surround the labyrinth in Chartres

The Order of the Temple warehoused, financed, bought, and became exceedingly rich in lands, cash and credit. All was organized in the public interest. They protected merchants and the movement of goods from robbers and grand seigneurs. Their dwellings were a sort of police station. The Knights Templar were probably financing many projects, because they also knew how to make the alchemical gold.

They undermined the existing feudal system so much that French King Philippe Le Bell had their properties confiscated, but before that happened most Templar knights had moved their treasures and themselves to their safe-haven European headquarters in Tomar, Portugal, where they changed their order's name to the Order of Christ, to avoid further damage.

The remainder of them were tortured to death or burnt alive, 716 years ago, on Friday, October 13, 1307, in France:


Knights Templar Headquarters in Tomar:

Rotunda church, Tomar castle, built around 1160.

From the outside, the church is a 16-side polygonal structure, with strong buttresses, round windows and a bell-tower. Inside, the round church has a central, octagonal structure, connected by arches to a surrounding gallery (ambulatory).

The capitals of the columns are still Romanesque (end 12th century) and depict vegetal and animal motifs, as well as a Daniel in the Lions' Den scene.

The pillars of the central octagon and the walls of the ambulatory have polychrome statues of saints and angels under exuberant Gothic canopies, while the walls and ceilings of the ambulatory are painted with Gothic patterns and panels depicting the life of Jesus the Christ.



Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

The Dome of the Rock was for most of the 12th century the world headquarters of the Knights Templar, who identified this Dome as the site of the Temple of Solomon, and therefore called it "The Templum Domini".

It is featured on the official seals of the Order's Grand Masters, and soon became the architectural model for round Templar churches across Europe.

The Giant Temple Mount Stellar Vortex

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